Four Public Talks Berkeley, USA, 1969
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"If freedom is responsibility, how do I act? - 16 September 1972 • Q: What is the action that will be a total response to the world around us? • Can one respond totally without learning about love and death in relation to daily life? • Do we live, or do we tolerate living? • Do we live according to ideas and conclusions based on belief, dogma and memory? • Is there an action which dissipates all images? • Is love relationship in which there is no image? Is disorder relationship in which there is the image? • Can a mind seeking comfort learn about death? • Find out whether death is something to be avoided or to be lived with naturally. • Can the mind free itself from the known? • Q: What relationship has literature, beauty and art to our daily life? • Q: Were you conditioned by the Masters? • Q: Can one help someone in distress?"
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