Ojai 1949 Fourteen Public Talks
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"Without self-knowledge there cannot be complete action - 14 August 1949 • Can we act without ideation? • Immortality is not an idea. It is something beyond ideation, thought and the bundle of memory which is all the 'me'. • Love is not a thought process. • Q: What place has criticism in relationship? • Q: When you speak of timelessness, it seems you must mean something besides a sequence of events. Do you perhaps mean that by knowing what part of you is eternal, then time no longer becomes a means to an end, or a means to progress? • Q: Is there a gulf, an interval of any duration, between my perceiving something, and being or realizing it? • Q: You often speak of living, experiencing, and yet being as nothing. What is this state of being as nothing consciously?"
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