Overcoming Depression with Hope & Firefighting
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This breakthrough programme is for those who are losing faith in what the depression experts are saying and losing hope that their depression can be overcome. Hope and Firefighting builds hope that your depression can be overcome. And to do that, you learn what the causes of depression are. And by doing that, the great ignorance around depression will be dispelled – to be replaced by a realisation that recovery is possible. And then the first steps on that road to recovery can begin to be taken. The effect of this is to create the beginnings of a Virtuous Cycle, to replace the typical Depression Vicious Cycle. There are four audios in this Hope & Firefighting programme: HF1 Building Hope (20 mins) HF1 is about dispensing information and the basic idea of what causes depression. HF2 Hope Meditation (25 mins) HF2 covers the same ground but in a very different way – by focussing on the lesson learnt by Matthew and by a short relaxation/trance. HF3 Firefighting (17 mins) HF3 takes the first steps to recovery by teaching and visualising ways in which you can fire fight – to begin to reduce arousal and rumination. HF4 Relax and Needs (26 mins) HF4 is an extended trance and relaxation audio – that focuses on the really big and profound insights of the Human Givens approach. By this time, these ideas can be readily absorbed and I hope will excite you. Listen to HF1 and HF2 over the first week and HF3 and HF4 in the second week. It is of course really important that the message of these four audios embeds into you unconscious and you listen to them more than once. Email access to Andrew Richardson I want to hear how you have got on with Hope & Firefighting and be available for you with advice, mentoring and if needed personalised one on one help – so you can truly recover and find the optimism and energy that is your birthright.
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