Short Stories - The Ultimate Classic Collection (Unabridged)
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STORY LISTINGS 1. The Girl from Arles/Alphonse Daudet read by Stephen Fry 2. Tobermory/Saki read by Barbara Leigh-Hunt 3.The Sphinx Without a Secret/Oscar Wilde read by Martin Jarvis 4. On Being Idle/Jerome K. Jerome read by Hugh Laurie 5. For Better or Worse/W.W. Jacobs read by Joanna David 6. Mr & Mrs Dove/Katherine Mansfield read by Rosalind Ayres 7. The Model Millionaire/Oscar Wilde read by T.P. McKenna 8. The Garden of Truth/E. Nesbit read by Harriet Walter 9. The Cat that Walked by Himself/Rudyard Kipling read by Liza Goddard 10. Pat Hobby & Orson Welles/F. Scott Fitzgerald read by Kerry Shale 11. Georgie Porgie/Rudyard Kipling read by Edward Fox 12. Mad/Guy de Maupassant read by Derek Jacobi 13. B 24/Arthur Conan Doyle read by Brian Cox 14. Caterpillars/E.F. Benson read by Patrick Malahide 15. The Man of the Night/Edgar Wallace read by Robin Bailey 16. Reginald on House Parties/Saki read by Nigel Hawthorne 17. Dr. Heidegger's Experiment/Nathaniel Hawthorne read by Nicky Henson 18. Ship to Tarshish/John Buchan read by Iain Cuthbertson 19. The Tell-Tale Heart/Edgar Allan Poe read by Richard Pasco 20. Lost Hearts/M.R. James read by Richard Pasco 21. The Black Cat/Edgar Allan Poe read by Richard Griffiths 22. The Monkey's Paw/W.W. Jacobs read by Patrick Malahide
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