The abridged, downloadable audiobook edition of Nicci French's Catch Me When I Fall is a blistering thriller from the masters of psychological suspense. You're a whirlwind. A success. You live life on the edge. But who'll catch you when you fall? Holly Krauss lives life in a cyclone - her husband Charlie, her business partner Meg and her colleagues at KS Associates are left breathless by her energy. But sometimes her wild behaviour leads to reckless mistakes. Mistakes which soon leave her life spiralling out of control. And once her descent begins, Holly can do little to stop it. This is most definitely a woman on the edge of a nervous breakdown. But is Holly solely responsible for what is happening to her? Are her fears for her own safety caused by the paranoia of her illness - or very real danger . . . ? Read by Kate Sachs and Elisabeth Dermot Walsh.
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