Cry Wolf- Wilbur Smith

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They recognised in each other that same restlessness that was always driving them on to new adventure, never staying long enough in one place or at one job to grow roots, unfettered by offspring or possessions, by spouse or responsibilities, taking up each new adventure eagerly and discarding it again with our qualms or regrets. Always moving onwards - never looking backwards.

The wartime race to save a country . . .

When Jake Barton, American engineer, teams up with English gentleman and hustler Gareth Swales to sell five battered old Bentleys in 1930s East Africa, neither of them could have imagined that they'd soon be attempting to smuggle the vehicles into Ethiopia to support the war effort, in return for a huge reward.

But to do this, they'll have to manoeuvre past several extremely hostile European forces, as well as managing their feelings for Vicky Camberwell, the beautiful journalist who has been sent with them to report on the brutal violence of the Italian invasion of Ethiopia. The three adventurers are about to discover that some battles are more than they can handle . . .

An action-packed adventure, set in 1930s Africa, from global bestseller Wilbur Smith
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