With the advent of the modern corporate workplace in the twentyfirst century, more and more people are toiling away behind desks, wearily clocking the standard fortyhour week. By 1910, writer Arnold Bennett had observed a worrying trend of exhausted wageearners whose waking hours revolved around their jobs and who had little time to spend on the business of actually living. Selfimprovement was Bennett's prescription for a speedy escape from the woes of the rat race. In his popular work How to Live on 24 Hours a Day, he advised those starved for time to set manageable goals for themselves and to pursue fulfilling activities—in much the same way that modern selfhelp experts urge today's busy people to seek enlightenment, relaxation, and satisfaction in a chaotic world. Take a break from your busy day and let Arnold Bennett's stillfresh advice help you find the contentment and calm you seek
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