Move Beyond your Addiction to a Life that is much Better
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This breakthrough programme is for those who are trapped in addiction and living in self disgust and despair and know that they need something that can lead to real change. In this programme, you will understand that your addiction is not an illness and neither is it a lifetime condition. It is an ingrained habit fed and strengthened by the pathways in your brain and the life you are leading. And why it is that your willpower alone will never be enough. You will be realising why you are not aiming to recover from your addiction. Instead you want to move forward to a life which is better and healthier. Your addiction will slowly cease to be the overwhelming problem it is now – because the pathways in your brain will be changing and your life will be moving forward. Three steps to Moving Beyond your Addiction Step 1 You need to Understand - to build hope and to see a clear path. There is a lot of ignorance to dispel and wisdom to acquire that will make so much sense to you. Step 2 You need Emotions Shifted – the triggers, the motivations and how you feel about yourself. Step 3 You need to Practice in your daily life - setting new pathways in your brain and getting your life on track. There are seven audios in the Moving Beyond Addiction programme: Part 1 Understanding and Diagnosis Audios UD1 What is going on? What is an addiction and how does it takes hold and then can be so difficult to shift? And why do you have to take it slowly – to understand that every journey begins with a first step. UD2 Diagnoses Where are you on the route to regaining (or indeed properly gaining) control for the first time? And how did you get to where you are now? And what could be the small steps you could begin to take now? What are your triggers and how do they work? Begin with UD1 for perhaps a week and then move on to UD2. You will probably then wish to listen to both UD1 and UD2 until both have really sunk in. You will be beginning to be more optimistic and positive and be seeing and indeed doing some small things differently. Part 2 Reprogramming Audios RP1 Building Motivation The Red and Green doors mean building motivation, away from disaster and towards the light. What can you now say about your journey to the red door and the possibilities that take you to somewhere better? RP2 Changing the Triggers You are seeing the future (as you aspire it to be but also as it could be if there is no change) – red and green doors. And then you will be dealing with triggers, finding your strengths and identifying the false addiction friend. Begin with RP1 and only incorporate RP2 after at least a week of regular RP1 listening. And then having begun to listen to both many times, you will be acting differently and making changes to your life and beginning to get control. Extras Audios These three Extra audios are self explanatory. You will dip into them as necessary. E1 Review and Refocusing Summarising and putting it all together so you can review and refocus. E2 Depression and Trauma Understanding the role these can play in your addiction and what to do about it. E3 Relaxation & Empowerment To increase your confidence and to relax you
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