Om Mantra / Om Meditation
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Many cultures recognize the healing power of the Om mantra; in fact, the people of India, Tibet, and Nepal have been harnessing this power for more than 5,000 years. Om meditation can help you connect with yourself and your body, resolve inner discord, and boost your physical vitality. Experience seven outstanding Om soundscapes in excellent audio quality with this premium audiobook. Deep, earthy and warm, these spherical and meditative sounds penetrate beneath the skin, producing an incredibly powerful effect that connects heart, spirit, and soul. Healing, otherworldly sounds. Gentle strikes on a singing bowl, rhythmic heartbeats, Tibetan instruments like the harmonium (136.1 hertz), gentle ocean waves, and the chanting of Buddhist monks, all combined with the Om mantra. A unique aural experience for meditating, relaxing, and simply enjoying. Om is life. Om is the primal sound of the universe. Om is the sound in which the entire universe reverberates. It is the force that brings beauty to every cell in our body. Om directly touches each individual cell, rebalancing our entire energy field to restore flow and harmony. It is ideal for: • meditation, relaxation, and sound healing; • any form of energy work or bodywork, • freeing yourself from unhelpful patterns of thought, belief, and behavior; • relieving tension, depression, pain, and anxiety; • chakra alignment; • activating self-healing forces; • healing the inner child. The pulsating sounds seem to gently stroke the body from within and penetrate every cell. Many people find these pieces so soothing that they fall asleep while listening. Others experience lucid images, as the frequencies generated closely correlate with REM sleep, a brain-wave pattern shown in EEGs to emerge during states of deep relaxation and hypnosis. It is as if the doors to other levels of consciousness open and invite us to enter. Tip: We recommend that you use external loudspeakers, as laptop speakers tend to be too weak to capture the top quality of the outstanding sound spectrum.
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