The Ultimate Goalkeepers Quiz Book
The goalkeeper has a key role to play in any successful football team. From the calm and unflappable to the more verbal and eccentric, there have been some great goalkeepers emerge in professional football through the years. Find out how many you can remember and how much you know about them with this exciting new quiz book. Who was reputedly the highest paid goalkeeper in the FA Premier League during 2013-14? Which goalie turned down a place in England’s 1970 FIFA World Cup squad because he wanted to stay at home with his family? In 2004, who became the first American to win an FA Cup winners' medal? If you think you know the answers, you are certain to want to have a go at the 111 questions in The Ultimate Goalkeepers Quiz Book. Packed with information, this book includes all the great goalies, records, awards, clean sheets and much more. This tribute to the unsung heroes of the beautiful game, the men between the sticks, is certain to appeal to football fans of all ages.
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