”A powerful, generous and unforgettable book." - Seth Godin

"A wondrous lens on healing ourselves and our world in this strangest and hardest of times." - Krista Tippett

We are all born with the wonder switch in the "on" position, but somewhere along the way, our wonder is crushed. And that's when we begin to live out of a self-limiting mindset that shuts down our sense of possibility and purpose.

Yet reclaiming your wonder--and with it, your life--is within reach. In The Wonder Switch, join world-renowned storyteller and professional illusionist Harris III in a journey to bring you back to the magic you fear you've lost--not the sleight of hand he performs across world stages, but real magic: love, hope, joy, belonging, meaning, and purpose.

One of wonder's greatest powers is that it changes the stories we tell ourselves, writes Harris. With the help of his power-packed Transformation Map, you'll gain the tools you need to switch from the old story that leaves you unfulfilled to the new story that will make you a healthier, happier, all-around better human being.

In this book, you'll discover:

The surprising science behind the stories we tell ourselves and how they shape our livesPractices for "righting" your story from a broken narrative to a restored narrativeThe secret to breaking out of a Limiting Mindset and developing a Wonder MindsetPractices for moving from complacency to curiosityWhy worry is a misuse of your imagination, and how to kick the habit

A visual version of the Transformation Map is available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

"Narrating with sincerity, natural pacing, and a gentle tone, the author--a professional magician and personal growth guru--is a humble person whom listeners will like and respect." - Audiofile Magazine

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